January 6th, 2010

Are you really an interior designer or are you a nice lady who likes to decorate?  What makes you think you know anything about design?

I is a real interior designer as I dun go to college to git edumicated in that field.  I’ve worked in hospitality, commercial and residential design, most recently completing a 5,000 sq. ft gut remodel (green!) in the Seattle area.  I’ve also worked in merchandising and product development for a couple of national and international home furnishings retailers.

I do know I eat, sleep and drink good design so it’s natural that I would want to have my blog focused around it.  However, if I ever start posting about matching sofas and drapes (and help me if I mention having enough fabric left over for a jaunty jacket a la Coldwater Creek!)  and little china figurines and lace doilies, you are free to send me hate mail and spam my comments section.

What does the name “Inspired Ease” mean?

My goal is to help people, in little ways, elevate their lives.  In a hectic world, there are ways to bring a little calm, a little peace to your own world through interior design, food, modern crafts, meditation, yoga, qigong etc.  Think Martha Stewart, a little younger and with a soul.

What made you want to start this website?

I recently went through an amazing transformation in my life.  I was a pretty angry, depressed hot mess for many years and know that if I found way to get out of it, perhaps I can help someone a tiny bit.  I also figured that it’s a good place to centralize all the singularly useless info I have rolling around in my wee brain.  That’s how it started, we’ll see how it develops.

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