Happy Birthday, Neeraj!

January 14th, 2011

Ah yes. The day has arrived. The annual Day of Embarrassing Neeraj. How I love this day! Every year on his birthday I find my favorite, supremely unflattering picture of Neeraj taken from the previous year and plaster it for all the world to see.

I am so glad I have a blog.

Neeraj is a good looking guy. Take this pic for example:  the butt chin, the swath of silky black hair, the aviators projecting just the right amount of cool…oh and that silly building behind him just seems to add to his suave allure (At least in this pic. Reality is a whole other story.):

But, even good looking guys take awful pictures and one of my favorite things about this man is that he truly doesn’t give a fig what people think. Let me support this by presenting this year’s AWFUL PICTURE.


So congrats, Neeraj. Congrats on making it another year, being a wonderful father to our son and providing me with yet another awful picture of you. But, most of all, congrats on being such an AMAZING man with SO MUCH INTEGRITY that you will never, EVER retaliate with awful pictures of me. Because we both know you have an endless supply of those.

(Editor’s Note: this really is his Costco membership card. )

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  1. billy jo bob Says:

    I say retaliate, and show some pics of jessica!

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