Cheap(er) Chic Item o’ the Week

October 1st, 2010

Not the biggest savings I’ve ever found but it still saves you enough to go get your Day Glo nails done.  WITH rhinestones.  I love me some clear acrylic tables but I haven’t managed to take the plunge yet (myself) because I’ve put them in clients homes and seen how they have magic powers.  Oh yes they do.  They attract any molecule of dust within a 12 foot radius PLUS the added bonus of getting scratched to tarnation by Hot Wheels.

However, acrylic tables are a great option especially when space is limited or a room seems crowded.  They provide surfaces without taking up visual area…which means be careful when 95 year old Great Aunt Glenda comes over.  With her failing eyesight, it’s only a matter of time before she trips over them.  (Which may be funny or not, depending on your relationship with her.)

CB2′s Peekaboo nesting set at $199:

Overstock’s set for $139:

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