House = WIN, Furnishings = FAIL

September 2nd, 2010

Lots to love about this house. I would live there if you asked me. However, I can’t help but feel that the owners forked over a ton of dough to get this amazing piece of property so they could have that view….and then ran out of money and had to use Aunt Verna’s sofa / chair set thing circa 1979 and Uncle Kanye’s coffee table circa 1985.

The dining table and chairs are great and I love ‘em but the incongruency is killing me. The sofa / big chair / whatever-it-is looks like it should be sitting on orange shag carpetingĀ  and reeking of da herb and, by the looks of the cushions, it hosted many a hippie. The mobile coffee table looks like it should be sitting across from a plastic covered sofa “leased” from Rent-To-Own and across from a bookshelf made of shiny peach laminate. I like to think that, at one time, it had legs but they morphed slowly over time into wheels because they are trying to get away from that sofa.

And the vases (that’s “vah-zyz” when you have this much money) full of cut flowers? I assume that their local hospital had to get rid of some extra arrangements that patients left behind. I only hope the part of the dining table not pictured doesn’t have yet two more. Perhaps they just never want dinner guests and completely covering the expanse of wood is their passive aggressive way of suggesting you don’t hint at a dinner invitation.

Deep thoughts by Jessica Thompson

(photo credit: Humberto Hermeto)

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