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Groovy Bathroom

February 26th, 2010

I love this bathroom and it’s ALMOST perfect…for me. Couple of changes I would do however: If I had my druthers, I would cut off a foot or less of the vanity on the bottom.  (Just whack it off right where that first or second line up from the bottom is.) Personally, I think the vanity looks a little clunky as it is, but granted I can’t see the rest of the room for a sense of balance. I would also paint the wall and ceiling a different color to warm the space up a bit.

I love how the roundness of the light fixture softens the many horizontal and vertical lines of the room. I also love the interplay of warm and cool materials (wood, marble, glass) because, when that is done right, I find my happy place. What I really, really love since I am all about natural light (Why don’t more people use it to its full advantage? Oh right, vampires.) is the frosted glass windows with the mirrors mounted in front. It’s an awesome amount of natural light for when people like me are putting on their pancake makeup, fake eyelashes and Lee Press On Nails.

(Photo Credit: Mike Sinclair for Bent & Sliced Residence)

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Good Question

February 22nd, 2010

Rohan: “Mom, why do we HAVE to go to school?”

Me: “Because it’s very important that you learn..”

Rohan: “But can’t we just learn from Google?”

Good question, kid.  Too bad they don’t offer a degree from Google U.

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Cheap(er) Chic Item o’ the Week

February 19th, 2010

Pottery Barn’s bestselling sofa line is their PB Basic.  (Well, it was 10 years ago when I was a furniture buyer for them.)  Personally, it’s not my favorite style but there’s a reason it’s a big seller so, as my good deed of the day, I am going to post a cheaper version.  You are welcome.

So here’s Pottery Barn’s PB Basic Loveseat which retails for around $1300:

JCPenney’s Olivia loveseat is only $500.  Squint and you can see the teeny picture:

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With Love

February 16th, 2010

My wee one decided to “detail” my car for Valentine’s Day and spent a good two hours cleaning the outside.  He did a great job and I was touched by the hard work but caught myself being the teeniest bit irritated at the 30 minutes I had to spend cleaning up afterward.  However, I used my qigong-learned shifting of perception and decided that hey, since he was covered from head to toe in soap and water, I actually got my son cleaned as well as my car.  Two for the price of one! Yee haw.

Rohan also received some candy from me and proceeded to spend the entire day asking me every 20 minutes if he could have some.  I thought about throwing all the candy down the toilet so he’d stop the incessant questioning but then realized I’d have to deal with tears.  It was a toss up but I remembered the day and chose to love the lil’ bugger through it.

Rohan:  “Mom, can I have some candy?”

Me: “Ro, what did I say when you asked 10 mins ago?”

Rohan: “Yeah but this time I am asking with LOVE!”

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Growin’ Up

February 12th, 2010

Rohan was picked up by another boy at school last week and dropped onto the ground and, in the process, he scraped and bumped his face on the fence. This resulted in a lovely cut on his cheek and a bump on his forehead and, when I picked him up, needless to say he wasn’t feeling his best. He had a kung fu class right scheduled right after school and, since his life’s dream at the tender young age of 6 is to be a ninja when he grows up, he insisted he could still go. Wee warrior, that kid is (Doesn’t get that from his Dad.  Actually, doesn’t get that from me either.).

I could tell his face hurt a bit during class but he was bravely battling his way through, half Indian ninja style. The class was doing a moving exercise and Rohan followed a little too closely to his teacher and THWACK! The teacher accidently walloped him…on THAT side of the face. My little guy faltered for a second but took the couple steps back to his starting point.  I sat on the edge of my seat, stuck in that mommy conundrum of running to help my injured child or letting him tough it out and be a big boy.

So I watched intently and, in the space of about 30 seconds, my mommy brain memorized this precious moment unfolding before me.  Rohan’s bottom lip quivered and every mom knows that look their kid gives right before they burst out into tears, right (and how it can melt your heart)?  His eyes welled up and he swallowed hard repeatedly, as if forcing that little-boy-wants-to-cry deep into his little chest.  Then he opened his eyes as wide as they could go, over and over, perfect little circles trying to keep the tears from running down his face.  I could see his monumental struggle, straddling that line of wanting to break down and run to mama like he’s done so far in his life or stay put and show the newly developed sense of awareness and not wanting to be embarrassed.

I realized I was seeing an extraordinary moment in his little life.  How awesome that I could so vividly see my boy rejecting his babyhood and striding forward to his boyhood.  It was one of those simple events that, because my heart was open to it, showed itself to be so much more than its sum total.  These are the moments that make life rich and layered and humble me.

Who knows though?  Maybe that bump to the head will help him improve his technique.  Here he is crawling along behind the other kids.  I don’t think ninjas crawl behind the crowd, do they?

And here’s my warrior son lying flat on the mat, plum tuckered out from all the exercise:

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My Purpose (besides eating chocolate)

February 9th, 2010

As this blog develops, I will start delving into little ways in which you can take your life to the next level. No, I don’t purport to be a self-help guru but, because of a long and arduous journey I’ve had to reclaim my own health, I’ve learned a huge amount of information that I feel I should share. Out of desperation, I delved deeper and broader than I EVER thought I would and, as result, I feel life on a level I never dreamed I could. Hallmark moment?  TOTALLY. But honestly, if something can change the black hole of hell I have been in for years, there must be something to it, so I intend to share.  If you don’t like this idea, I invite you to read the soul expanding website

My goal is to give you ideas for making your home a place that encourages peace and joy (LIVE), give you something to laugh at (SMILE), suggest modern crafts to do alone or with the kiddos (DO), introduce to you ways in which your body can heal and hopefully thrive (EAT) and, finally, suggest different methods of achieving that deep down peace and sense of inner calm that is the opposite of what our culture prizes (BREATHE).

Live, smile, do, eat and breathe. These are my lofty goals. As you can see, I’ve been design centric so far but that’s because I’m still working out the kinks (namely my slow brain learning photoshop so I can post pics of everything). But stick with me and let’s see where this takes us, shall we?

For a giggle, here is the front of the birthday invitations I sent out for my son’s 6th birthday.  Poor kid, I can’t ever do a normal, plain invite.  I am sure he’s saving his copy for his therapist:

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Inspiration Board

February 2nd, 2010

I will be posting “boards” (or collages) of things that I’m currently inspired by. Or another way to say it is “Collages of Rooms I Want to Live in…After I Win the Lotto”. I actually will be posting boards of cheaper chic items as well because creating a peaceful space does not have to be expensive. However, today’s is. Insanely so. Like price-of-a-car expensive. Which is why it’s inspiration and not photos of my actual home.

The item that inspired me for this board is the live-edge dining table by Hudson Furniture. I love the play of the thick slab of wood juxtaposed with the sleek, antiqued brass base. (I especially love the base because this finish is not common right now.) I chose a modern leather-wrapped dining chair in the perfect shade of greige (a mix of gray and beige) to counteract the bulk and finish of the table.

The capiz chandelier is one I actually installed in a client’s home and, since then, it’s been one of my all-time favorites. Because of the use of natural materials and clean lines, this fixture is versatile and can be used in traditional as well as more modern interiors. Or just hang it in a barn. Or a kitchen. Or a kid’s playroom. Or just take the chains off and use it as a giant fruit bowl. (Can you tell I love it?)

And that rug? COME ON. It’s just unreal. The pattern brought visual interest without being distracting and the colors brought out the tones of the wood, the color of the chairs and the antiqued brass. Besides, it’s made of a hefty wool pile so if you eat too much while sitting at this table, you can just shove your chair away and comfortably lay down until your food coma passes.

No jarring colors, no patterns that give you a headache, the colors interplay to create harmony, the textures create interest without being confusing. These all add up to a calm environment which we all want in our homes.  Well, until the kids use this room for a giant Play-Doh space.  Then the calm may be interrupted by some shrieks.

(Photo Credits: dining table by Hudson Furniture , capiz chandelier by Oly Studio, rug by Calvin Klein Home,  Antler candelabra by Esque, Astrid mirror by Oly Studio )

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