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Laugh o’ the Day

January 31st, 2010

There are so many things wrong with this picture. Where to start? I can’t begin to understand how these guys are related because Mr. Pink Nylon does not go with Mr. Dreds or Mr. Frat Boy standing behind him. And Mr. Super Speedo doing bike tricks behind him? He’s gets an A+ for execution and timing.

(Photo Credit: Photobomb )

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Breathing Room

January 29th, 2010

I took this photo

from the airplane window

on my way home from

visiting my family.

I think this view

was God’s way of

reminding me that

all is well.

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Captain Chub

January 27th, 2010

When my son, Rohan, was a baby I took him to the doctor for his four month checkup.  Now I knew he was heavy (oh, my poor back still cries from the memory) but I guess I just didn’t realize how ginormous my monster was till the doctor giggled and asked if he could call in the other staff.  Apparently, my delicate flower of a son was the biggest four month old they had ever seen.  I was almost offended when other doctors and nurses poured in and they had a big contest guessing how old he was. People were yelling out guesses and I, still in postpartum haze, (hey, he was only four months old…it took me years to get all the way out of that black hole) got a wee bit offended by the slack jaws and laughter.  I looked around for a hidden camera hoping my shame would at least result in a free car but alas, just a bunch of white coated peeps laughing at my kid like he was a freak show.

I still think 22 1/2 pounds at four months is not THAT rare.  Maybe it’s because they were NYC doctors.  I am sure them docs in Nebraska get some corn-fed giants in their clinics!  Anyone in NYC is used to seeing emaciated, pale, anemic looking people all the time, right?

Anyhow,  I thought Ro held the prize for giant baby as evidenced by this pic (he’s going to love me for this):

But apparently, his title has now been usurped:

The sheer weight of those cheeks puts him over 22 pounds EASILY. His mom must live on advil and wine.

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Cheap(er) Chic o’ the Week

January 25th, 2010

Once again, I need to clear out some room in my small brain so here’s my cheap(er) chic item o’ the week.  The Presidio Sofa from Williams-Sonoma Home can be yours for the bargain price of $3,350:

Overstock’s Flynn Sofa for $1,472:

The $1,878 you save will make it a little less painful when Junior upchucks breakfast all over the lovely velvet.

(Photo Credit: top photo Williams Sonoma Home , bottom photo

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Yes, Please.

January 21st, 2010

My designer soul leapt with joy when I saw this house.  Oh – how I love the serenity.  I honestly can close my eyes and smell the salt air!  But then my Mommy brain kicked in and saw my kid falling off of that rooftop pool deck.  Ah, well.  If I were rich enough to afford this house, I’d be rich enough to leave him with Beatrice, my live-in nanny.

Only for three days, max.  Maybe seven.  Ok, 10 MAX.  I swear!  After that, I’d really start missing the lil’ bugger.

(Photo Credit: Iwan Baan )

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January 20th, 2010

Monkey in store checkout line wearing a diaper.  Monkey staring lovingly at the Banana Keeper that his owner is getting ready to buy him.  Me, laughing.

(Photo Credit:

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We Remember

January 18th, 2010

I am visiting my parents who live in a little farm town in Washington state.  The kind of town with no stop light, people wave when you pass (Friendliness?  What is that?) and the aroma of cow poop assaults your nose constantly.  I was at the local diner yesterday and it was full of farmers; old white men wearing John Deere hats and coveralls, weather beaten faces lined with a lifetime of hard work.

I actually made myself feel uncomfortable by wondering how many of these men are racist, to any degree.  I was uncomfortable because I realized that I was judging them and silently chastised myself.  Now, I am sure some of them wouldn’t have been happy if I had walked in with a friend wearing a turban but still, who am I to assume?  (Let’s say it together, folks!  Assuming makes an ass out of you and me!)

So today, I got just one more cosmic reminder that I am an ass.  Driving down Main Street, I saw that the entire 1/2 mile was lined with American flags on both sides of the street.

And then I saw this as I was driving:

Peace and tolerance.  Reminders I need to learn even more from the great Martin Luther King, Jr.  Does he have any words on raising children to be respectful?  Apparently, I need a little help in that area.

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January 17th, 2010

Before you get out of bed in the morning, think of one thing you are grateful for. Just one. Starting the day with an attitude of gratitude, however small, somehow aligns your spirit so your day is a little brighter.

For me, I am especially grateful for the huge changes that have happened in my life to enable me to become “unstuck”. I am grateful that I am learning to forgive, a seemingly simple lesson that I was too angry to figure out before. I am grateful that I am in a position to love those dear to me who are going through a rough time; those same people that loved me when I was pretty unlovable.

I am also grateful for chocolate, shoes with good arch supports (note to Manolo: can you please make a four inch heel with this?), my local library (nerd alert!) and the fact that my little boy’s cheeks still have that little kid smoothness when I kiss them.

And today, I am especially grateful for a Mama who has loved me through my dark night of the soul and rejoiced with me when I found the light again. Well, all that schmaltzy stuff and the fact that she makes me laugh harder than anyone.

Today, I am grateful. What are you grateful for?

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Cheap(er) Chic

January 16th, 2010

My wee brain has a special ability to retain information that may be considered useless to some and then forget the stuff I really should remember. I may as well share some of this questionably important information so that I can clear it out of my head and make room for even more useless information. Hey, I have goals.

This bed from Williams-Sonoma Home has been one of my favorites for years.  I look at it from afar with love in my eyes, and I will be for years, because it’s $4700. I found a good copy for a mere $1700 so I’ll be staring at the cheaper copy from afar for years as well. The less expensive version doesn’t have as low of a profile but the lines are the same and gives you the same feel.

So, buy the cheaper version, save $3k and then send me the difference. I would normally say so that I can add it to my Pricey Bed Fund, but even I have a hard time joking about that given what is going on in our world at this time. So go buy a $200 bed at IKEA and send the rest to Yéle Haiti.

But here’s the Cheap(er) Chic item o’ the week:

Jessica’s Dream Bed:

Cheaper Version:

Photo Credit:  (Top Bed, William Sonoma Home Presidio Bed , Bottom Bed Overstock’s Serena Bed )

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On My Mind…

January 13th, 2010

Practice compassion and gratitude every day but, if you need some nudging, today is good day to start in light of the horror in Haiti. Look at the pictures, look around you. Breathe in. Give thanks and send healing prayers (or vibes or energy…whatever you want to call it).

You cannot be angry when you are being compassionate and I only know this because I have been working on this in my own life. Letting go of deeply rooted anger has always seemed lovely in theory but I have never known exactly how to unlock that dark box.


*whispering in your ear* “Be compassionate. ”

It really is amazing how it counteracts anger and causes it to melt away.  If it can make my black heart melt, trust me, it can work on anything.

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