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Open Mouth, Insert Foot

July 6th, 2010

Ro and I spent most of June at the beach and I’ll be posting some great pics but, while I finish downloading my 700 shots, I’ll share with you what happened to me yesterday at the grocery store. Go ahead, laugh at my expense. You are welcome.

I was shopping around 5PM so the store was pretty crowded. I have been known to talk to myself and, apparently, I talk much louder than I think I do. (I have heard that talking to yourself is a sign of genius but obviously my mere existence proves that to be completely wrong.) Anyhow, I was walking with the crowd and I was looking for the aisle that had the chocolate. I THOUGHT I was saying this in my head, but apparently I said, out loud and with much feeling, “MAMA WANTS SOME CHOCOLATE!!”.

I was lost in my own little world of chocolate and failed to see the african-american man directly in front of me. He whipped around, mouth agape and raised his eyebrow.

Oh LAWD, I wanted to die a sweet little death right there. I blushed from head to toe (which is like a veritable rainbow when you are as white as I am). Of course he had to actually be a good looking man too. (No way I could turn THAT into a suave pick up line!) I laughed and said that the only thing I was trying to pick up was a bar of chocolate and I apologized.

I promptly turned on my heels and walked away, probably talking to myself the whole time.

I leave you with this pic.  Glad to know that Rohan feels the same way about Sarah Palin as me:

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Growin’ Up

February 12th, 2010

Rohan was picked up by another boy at school last week and dropped onto the ground and, in the process, he scraped and bumped his face on the fence. This resulted in a lovely cut on his cheek and a bump on his forehead and, when I picked him up, needless to say he wasn’t feeling his best. He had a kung fu class right scheduled right after school and, since his life’s dream at the tender young age of 6 is to be a ninja when he grows up, he insisted he could still go. Wee warrior, that kid is (Doesn’t get that from his Dad.  Actually, doesn’t get that from me either.).

I could tell his face hurt a bit during class but he was bravely battling his way through, half Indian ninja style. The class was doing a moving exercise and Rohan followed a little too closely to his teacher and THWACK! The teacher accidently walloped him…on THAT side of the face. My little guy faltered for a second but took the couple steps back to his starting point.  I sat on the edge of my seat, stuck in that mommy conundrum of running to help my injured child or letting him tough it out and be a big boy.

So I watched intently and, in the space of about 30 seconds, my mommy brain memorized this precious moment unfolding before me.  Rohan’s bottom lip quivered and every mom knows that look their kid gives right before they burst out into tears, right (and how it can melt your heart)?  His eyes welled up and he swallowed hard repeatedly, as if forcing that little-boy-wants-to-cry deep into his little chest.  Then he opened his eyes as wide as they could go, over and over, perfect little circles trying to keep the tears from running down his face.  I could see his monumental struggle, straddling that line of wanting to break down and run to mama like he’s done so far in his life or stay put and show the newly developed sense of awareness and not wanting to be embarrassed.

I realized I was seeing an extraordinary moment in his little life.  How awesome that I could so vividly see my boy rejecting his babyhood and striding forward to his boyhood.  It was one of those simple events that, because my heart was open to it, showed itself to be so much more than its sum total.  These are the moments that make life rich and layered and humble me.

Who knows though?  Maybe that bump to the head will help him improve his technique.  Here he is crawling along behind the other kids.  I don’t think ninjas crawl behind the crowd, do they?

And here’s my warrior son lying flat on the mat, plum tuckered out from all the exercise:

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My Purpose (besides eating chocolate)

February 9th, 2010

As this blog develops, I will start delving into little ways in which you can take your life to the next level. No, I don’t purport to be a self-help guru but, because of a long and arduous journey I’ve had to reclaim my own health, I’ve learned a huge amount of information that I feel I should share. Out of desperation, I delved deeper and broader than I EVER thought I would and, as result, I feel life on a level I never dreamed I could. Hallmark moment?  TOTALLY. But honestly, if something can change the black hole of hell I have been in for years, there must be something to it, so I intend to share.  If you don’t like this idea, I invite you to read the soul expanding website

My goal is to give you ideas for making your home a place that encourages peace and joy (LIVE), give you something to laugh at (SMILE), suggest modern crafts to do alone or with the kiddos (DO), introduce to you ways in which your body can heal and hopefully thrive (EAT) and, finally, suggest different methods of achieving that deep down peace and sense of inner calm that is the opposite of what our culture prizes (BREATHE).

Live, smile, do, eat and breathe. These are my lofty goals. As you can see, I’ve been design centric so far but that’s because I’m still working out the kinks (namely my slow brain learning photoshop so I can post pics of everything). But stick with me and let’s see where this takes us, shall we?

For a giggle, here is the front of the birthday invitations I sent out for my son’s 6th birthday.  Poor kid, I can’t ever do a normal, plain invite.  I am sure he’s saving his copy for his therapist:

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Breathing Room

January 29th, 2010

I took this photo

from the airplane window

on my way home from

visiting my family.

I think this view

was God’s way of

reminding me that

all is well.

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We Remember

January 18th, 2010

I am visiting my parents who live in a little farm town in Washington state.  The kind of town with no stop light, people wave when you pass (Friendliness?  What is that?) and the aroma of cow poop assaults your nose constantly.  I was at the local diner yesterday and it was full of farmers; old white men wearing John Deere hats and coveralls, weather beaten faces lined with a lifetime of hard work.

I actually made myself feel uncomfortable by wondering how many of these men are racist, to any degree.  I was uncomfortable because I realized that I was judging them and silently chastised myself.  Now, I am sure some of them wouldn’t have been happy if I had walked in with a friend wearing a turban but still, who am I to assume?  (Let’s say it together, folks!  Assuming makes an ass out of you and me!)

So today, I got just one more cosmic reminder that I am an ass.  Driving down Main Street, I saw that the entire 1/2 mile was lined with American flags on both sides of the street.

And then I saw this as I was driving:

Peace and tolerance.  Reminders I need to learn even more from the great Martin Luther King, Jr.  Does he have any words on raising children to be respectful?  Apparently, I need a little help in that area.

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January 17th, 2010

Before you get out of bed in the morning, think of one thing you are grateful for. Just one. Starting the day with an attitude of gratitude, however small, somehow aligns your spirit so your day is a little brighter.

For me, I am especially grateful for the huge changes that have happened in my life to enable me to become “unstuck”. I am grateful that I am learning to forgive, a seemingly simple lesson that I was too angry to figure out before. I am grateful that I am in a position to love those dear to me who are going through a rough time; those same people that loved me when I was pretty unlovable.

I am also grateful for chocolate, shoes with good arch supports (note to Manolo: can you please make a four inch heel with this?), my local library (nerd alert!) and the fact that my little boy’s cheeks still have that little kid smoothness when I kiss them.

And today, I am especially grateful for a Mama who has loved me through my dark night of the soul and rejoiced with me when I found the light again. Well, all that schmaltzy stuff and the fact that she makes me laugh harder than anyone.

Today, I am grateful. What are you grateful for?

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On My Mind…

January 13th, 2010

Practice compassion and gratitude every day but, if you need some nudging, today is good day to start in light of the horror in Haiti. Look at the pictures, look around you. Breathe in. Give thanks and send healing prayers (or vibes or energy…whatever you want to call it).

You cannot be angry when you are being compassionate and I only know this because I have been working on this in my own life. Letting go of deeply rooted anger has always seemed lovely in theory but I have never known exactly how to unlock that dark box.


*whispering in your ear* “Be compassionate. ”

It really is amazing how it counteracts anger and causes it to melt away.  If it can make my black heart melt, trust me, it can work on anything.

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